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Editions wiki is a crowd-sourced list of editions of ancient texts, from 800 BC (Homer) to the fall of Byzantium in 1453

What is Editions wiki?[edit | edit source]

In Editions Wiki, we are making an attempt to condense all the modern editions of one text into one page, to allow students and scholars to find them easily.

Ancient texts and their translations are frequently published in many formats, under different names, in journal articles or as appendixes to doctorates; therefore they are often hard to find. A full, annotated list of all the editions and translations, offline and online, would greatly convenience all who are interested in these texts.

How can I help?[edit | edit source]

Anyone who has a few minutes is invited to start a page for a new text. The format can be seen in the existing pages (for example,,_Contra_Celsum); generally it is important to include as much information as possible, with sub-sections for "editions" and "translations." The information can be found in the catalogues of large libraries, in the books themselves, or on websites. Please start a page even if you know just of a few editions, hopefully in the future it will be augmented.

Some webpages for lists of editions are already in existence. They are usually limited to a certain field, but can be mined for information. For example,

Translations of Byzantine Saints' Lives -

Syriac Literature -

Any suggestions and ideas are most welcome.

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